With years of experienced team, in various engineering field. We have the best team that ready to support you in fabrication & installation services. Our Specialties are

O Water Treatment :
Reverse Osmosis, Demineralizers, Water Desalination, Water Disinfection, Hardness Removal, Boiler Make Up Water, Col ling Tower System, Clean Water Treatment.

Waste Water Treatment System :
Plating Industry, Manufacturing Industry» Textile Industry, Pharmacy Industry, Foods & Beverage Industry, Dairy Industry, Cometic Industry, Hospital And Office Other

Pressure Vessel Design:
Boiler, Gas Vessel, Petroleum Vessel, Crude Oil Vessel & Other Pressurized Vessel

Pipe Design :
Chose Pipe Material, Defining Pipe Schedule, Defining Support, Pipe Stress Analysis, And Others Design Works Related To Pipe Engineering.