With years of experienced team, in various engineering field. We have the best team that ready to support you in fabrication & installation services. Our Specialties are :

Tank Fabrication
Demin System Vessel, Pressurizerd Vessel, Sedimentation Tank, Clarifier Tank, & Others. With Using Mild steel or Stainless Steel.

Water Treatment Installation
We have the best team to install and design RO-system, Demin and Others with 100% Work Guarantee and Will have a long life system.

Waste Water Treatment Installation :
We can make & install various system for various industry. Aeration System, Chemical Reactor System, DAF system, Equalization System, COD removal System and more.

Automation Control Installation :
We can provide you the latest technology of automation control such as : SCADA system, HMI (Human Machine Interface), Automatic Flush Scrubber, and Others.